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Get back to doing what you love most with our breakthrough ultrasound nano-technology specifically designed to help prevent Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections.

How UroShield Works

UroShield is a small, external medical device that has been developed to prevent bacterial biofilm formation on in-dwelling catheters by means of low-frequency/low-intensity ultrasound waves that it generates.

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The action of the ultrasonic waves on the surfaces of the catheter interfere with the attachment of bacteria, reduce catheter encrustations and blockages, prevent infections from developing and may decrease or eliminate the need for antibiotics.

In addition, UroShield's breakthrough technology may decrease the pain, discomfort  and spasm associated with in-dwelling urinary catheters.


The cumulative rate of bacteriuria per day of a fitted catheter.

Consequently, this data predicts that 20 days into use, every patient with a catheter will have some form of bacterial infection.


The amount of bloodstream infections (BSI) that are caused by E. coli, which is one of the most common bacteria to cause Urinary Track Infections (UTI).

With BSI's being potentially life-threatening infections, recent studies indicate they may contribute to up to 5,500 annual deaths.


The percentage of bloodstream infections that occur due to UTIs.

E. coli was responsible for over 35,000 BSIs in 2016 and growing, and predicted to be responsible for 60,000 BSIs by 2020.


Over 50% E. coli BSIs originate from the urogenital tract.

Therefore, with the prevention of UTIs, we may be able to almost halve BSI's.

UroShield has been shown to help prevent Catheter Associated UTIs that could have a huge role in cutting down these BSIs.

The Cost of CAUTI and the Impact of UroShield

With over 50% of E. Coli BSIs originating from the urogenital tract and deaths from the condition reportedly costing the NHS 2.3 Billion per annum, UroShield was developed as a financially-sustainable and patient-friendly solution that has been shown to help prevent Catheter Associated UTIs.

Leading UK Urologist Mr Chris Ogden

Discusses UroShield

Leading UK Urologist, Mr Chris Ogden, gives insight into life with a catheter and the host of associated complications. These include recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, catheter blockages, bladder spasms, and catheter-related pain and discomfort.

He discusses the current treatments available, and the evidence from recent UroShield trials which show a significant reduction in infections in those patients suffering from recurrent UTIs.

Mr Ogden also mentions how NHS trusts across the country continue to use and evaluate the device, and in turn patients are experiencing an increase in quality of life.