I was experiencing quite a few issues with my Supra-Pubic Catheter. I had reached the stage where despite using washouts quite regularly I was sometimes blocking every week. Not only was this causing me the discomfort and inconvenience but it was using considerable resources from both the community nursing team and my local hospital where I attended following an issue with a catheter change. This was on top of the continuing and extra expense to the NHS in replacements, washouts etc as well as the negative psychological effects it was having on me at the time. Following a consultation with my Urology consultant I was then placed on the UroShield trial. I have found this device to be effective, whilst not being a 100% in my case, I have gone from weekly, as a worst case scenario, to roughly 4 weeks before needing a catheter change which feels like a great improvement to me personally.


Male (60–70), Surrey