How UroShield Works

How UroShield helps

UroShield is a small, external device that attaches onto in-dwelling catheters and produces low-frequency ultrasound Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW).

The waves interfere with the attachment of bacteria, which is the initial step in biofilm formation, and increase antibiotic efficacy against biofilm bacteria.

By means of the ultrasound waves that mitigate against biofilm formation,  UroShield also reduces friction between the catheter and the patient’s internal tissues. This decreases the pain, discomfort and spasm associated with indwelling urinary catheters.

Why choose UroShield?

There is plenty of evidence to show that UroShield works. Users have reported reduced infection rates, fewer catheter blockages and reduced catheter-related pain, among many other benefits.

Most importantly, UroShield can help you find more freedom in your routines. Listening to the many patients who have benefited from the device, we know ordinary in-dwelling catheters can often feel like a tether to the hospital, forcing you to feel the need to have constant access them in case of an infection.

With UroShield aiding in your catheter care, you don’t always need to worry about visiting the hospital at any moment, letting you plan long trips and holidays that were previously impossible due to no hospital access. The device is easy to store and carry, and its long wire means it can be stored discreetly in your pocket nearly anywhere you go. Quite simply, UroShield when used correctly has the potential to help improve your quality of life.