"Despite the impact on reducing infections and blockages, the fact that these patients are feeling better and avoiding antibiotics is the most significant of all and completely priceless"

Urology Nurse Specialist, Surrey

"I’m convinced your little device is magic"

Consultant Urologist, Surrey

"UroShield is having brilliant results in patients struggling with recurrent UTIs and catheter blockages, relieving some of their catheter-related pain, discomfort and bladder spasms. It’s helping to improve quality of life, giving some people more confidence to be out and about without worrying about spontaneous catheter-related complications"

Consultant Urologist, Surrey

Live Discussions

UroShield has not only spoken about by patients who have used the device directly but has also gained attention during live discussions at conferences.

One of these discussions by Jane Miles, a Urology Nurse Specialist from Frimley Park Hospital in the UK, presented testimonials at the IPC 2019 London Conference.

Challenges and Complications of living with a long-term indwelling Urinary Catheter

Leading UK Urologist Chris Ogden discusses the trials and complications of living with a long-term indwelling urinary catheter. Mr Ogden talks about the problems associated with catheters such as UTIs, blockages, pain and bladder spasms, as well as current treatments and UroShield as new intervention. He also mentions the current evidence behind UroShield in this overview.


In Vitro

Dr Sandra Wilks discusses the exciting in vitro work with UroShield at the Knowlex IPC London 2019 event.

Dr Wilks presents the findings from in depth laboratory work at Southampton University. She discusses the key different bacterial strains involved with catheter colonisation and the effect the ultrasound technology from UroShield has had in their work.