For those who have difficulty urinating naturally, your doctor is likely to insert a catheter which helps to carry urine into a drainage bag. Living with a urinary catheter is quite common nowadays and although most long-term catheter users continue to live a fulfilling life, the main challenge associated with catheter remains and that’s catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

Treating CAUTIs

For many doctors, the traditional way to treat CAUTIs is to prescribe antibiotics. The process involves taking a urine sample to identify which bacteria are the cause and prescribe an appropriate course of antibiotics. The process can be slow – as it takes days to identify the bacteria and also days for the administered antibiotics to take effect.

In addition, many of the bacteria that cause CAUTIs are becoming resistant to the antibiotics used, a concern shared by healthcare professionals and patients.

Given the scientific breakthroughs and discoveries we have in the 21st century, you may wonder if there is a more efficient and less intrusive way to tackle CAUTIs – the answer is yes, and this is where UroShield can help.

Explaining UroShield

UroShield is a clinically proven way of effectively reducing your risk of CAUTIs. It is a small device that clips onto a catheter and generates low-frequency ultrasonic Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW). The action of the wave constantly vibrates the catheter and prevents bacteria from sticking to the catheter and reaching the reversible adherence stage.

The science behind UroShield is clever: by preventing biofilms (consortiums of microorganisms which are one of the primary causes of UTIs) from forming, UroShield helps to prevent infections from developing.

If a biofilm is already present, the wave generated by UroShield can break up the normally impenetrable extracellular matrix, thereby allowing antibiotic access to the bacteria inside the biofilm and increase antibiotic efficacy.

UroShield is effective regardless of the make, size, length or material of the catheter.

The best part is catheter users will see reduced CAUTIs rates or even no more infection, along with other UroShield benefits reported from patients.

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