My husband had a stroke at the age of 64 in June 2006, while in Norfolk visiting my Son, and was rushed to hospital.

This affected the left side of his body including some speech. Also his bladder, leading to catheter being fitted which we assumed was temporary. Unfortunately this was not the case. He then had lots of problems over the next 6 months, which lead to a permanent catheter being fitted.

During this time my husband had lots of blockages in the tubes, which have caused infections, discomfort and pain. Also lots of embarrassment due to accidents. This has also been hard on myself and my husband, being unsure of where and when we can plan visits on long journeys to family.

In December 2017, while visiting family, my husband had a severe blockage and was put on antibiotics. Doctors suggested going to our hospital on our return. Then in January 2018 we went to the hospital for tests on his catheter, where we were offered a chance to take part in a new trial. This is called the UroShield.

My husband was then fitted with it, wearing it 24 hours a day. I found it easier to change and it is small and light making it easy to move around. Since January he has had no blockages or infections, improving day to day life. And we would both recommend this to other people who also suffer like my husband has.

Male (70-80), Norfolk