As you may know, our Dad suffers from MND and as such this unfortunately leaves him double incontinent. Dad has a permanent catheter fitted and has had for some years now. This has always been problematic in as much as Dad suffers from regular UTIs and blockages. The UTIs tend to become severe very quickly and in the main, results in him being admitted into hospital for IV antibiotics.

With regards to blockages with his catheter, it either results in Dad ‘by passing’ in which case either my brother or I have to take him to A&E for the catheter to be changed or, which happened quite often, he goes into urinary retention which results in an ambulance having to be called. With Dad’s disability, moving him is very painful and exhausting for him. If my brother or I try to take him to hospital in our car, this is unbelievably difficult for us, and actually very physically demanding.

We ‘offered’ Dad up for trial in our local hospital. The staff there are absolutely amazing and we are all on 1st name terms as we are there so often… a negative way, that’s not good. Dad’s dedicated nurse, introduced us to your little gadget as we all call it.

I cannot say with any scientific conviction that the Uroshield has made a difference however I can say with 100% certainty that since this has been fitted, Dad has not suffered a serious UTI, (he has had one minor UTI which the GP controlled with drugs) and he has not had one ‘blockage’ at all. Coincidence, no I think not.

My brother and I endorse this small piece of equipment absolutely totally. Without any doubt, it has massively improved our Dad’s quality of life, has reduced pain and strain on his well-being, and to be very honest, has reduced stress, worry and strain on my brother, I and the rest of the family. I am unable to comment on the financial saving of costs to the hospital, but in simple terms, one inpatient say in hospital must cost far more than a year of this simple piece of equipment.

The total well-being of Dad, and secondly his family, will be returned to traumatic hospital visits if use of ‘the gadget’ is ceased.

I cannot applaud enough the difference this has made and as such, I endorse its use totally and will gladly expand, discuss, write to or speak to anyone who challenges it.

Male (80-90), Essex