I do so appreciate having had the opportunity to trial the UroShield system over the last four months. As you know I have MS and have had a supra-pubic catheter in place for many years now and this non-intrusive and drug free system has brought me such enormous benefits – no catheter blockages, no UTIs, no weekly bladder washouts by a District Nurse which often resulted in yet another catheter change, no ambulance trips to A&E, no longer on any prophylactic antibiotics – not to mention giving me peace of mind and boosting my confidence.

I am very happy indeed to give permission for my name to be used with CCGs or Doctors to enable you to stress the true impact of this device which would surely be of benefit to so many people who suffer with ongoing catheter problems, infections and the constant use of antibiotics.

My express hope is that UroShield becomes widely available to all in the very near future.

Male (60-75), Surrey