Tackling CAUTI with Uroshield

Tackling Urinary
Tract Infections

CAUTI (Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections) are very nasty infections, leaving patients feeling incredibly unwell.

They’re usually caused by biofilm, which is a build-up of bacteria docking and attaching to the catheter wall which become surrounded in a thick protective coating. This coating makes it very tricky for antibiotics and the immune system to access the bacteria to treat and kill the infection, giving biofilm an increased survival to antibiotics and resistance to the host immune system. Therefore, catheter biofilms are one of the main causes of antibiotic resistance in persistent bacterial infections, with bacteria in biofilms being up to 1000 times more resistant to antibacterials than free bacteria.

Biofilms, the main
cause of CAUTI

Biofilms on the indwelling catheter are not only the main cause of CAUTI, but can also be responsible for the blocking of catheters. Catheter blockages can require more regular catheter changes which can often be painful and uncomfortable, but also more frequent bladder washouts.

Current treatment includes prescribing antibiotics, however this can contribute to antibiotic resistance and in the case of some patients, antibiotics may no longer be effective leaving a huge dilemma in how to treat their CAUTI.

How UroShield helps

The UroShield is a small, external device that clips onto in-dwelling catheters and produces low-frequency ultrasound Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW).

While you cannot feel or hear these sound waves, the vibration prevents bacteria from being able to stick to the surface, and thus prevents the formation of biofilm.

If there is already biofilm present, then the sound waves can help to break up the layer of the bacteria, allowing antibiotics to take effect and reduce recovery time.

Why choose Uroshield?

There is plenty of evidence to show that UroShield works. Users have reported reduced infection rates, fewer catheter blockages and reduced catheter-related pain, among many other benefits.

Most importantly, UroShield can help you find more freedom in your routines. Listening to the many patients who have benefited from the device, we know ordinary in-dwelling catheters can often feel like a tether to the hospital, forcing you to feel the need to have constant access them in case of an infection.

With UroShield aiding in your catheter care, you don’t always need to worry about visiting the hospital at any moment, letting you plan long trips and holidays that were previously impossible due to no hospital access. The device is easy to store and carry, and its long wire means it can be stored discreetly in your pocket nearly anywhere you go. Quite simply, UroShield when used correctly has the potential to help improve your quality of life.